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Workforce Real-time Tracking

Geo Attendance Employee tracking uses a smartphone to capture real-time GPS location and estimate historical and current distance travelled.



Comprehensive and In-depth Overview


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Employee tracking software is a tool that monitors and records employee activities and work hours to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with company policies.

  • An employee tracking application works by collecting data from employees' devices or workstations, tracking their time, tasks, and location (if needed), and generating reports for management.

  • Yes, using an employee tracking app is legal as long as it complies with local labor laws and regulations, and employees are informed about its use and purpose.

  • Benefits include improved productivity, accurate time tracking, better project management, enhanced accountability, and detailed performance analytics.

  • Yes, employee tracking software is particularly useful for managing remote teams, as it allows managers to monitor work hours and activities regardless of location.

  • Key features to look for include time tracking, project management, real-time monitoring, location tracking (if applicable), and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  • By providing insights into work patterns, identifying inefficiencies, and ensuring employees are focused on their tasks, employee tracking can help optimize productivity.

  • Yes, reputable employee tracking software providers implement robust security measures to ensure that all collected data is encrypted and stored securely.

  • Many employee tracking systems offer integrations with project management, payroll, and HR software to streamline operations and data management.

  • Yes, it is crucial to obtain employees' consent and clearly communicate the purpose and scope of tracking to maintain transparency and trust.

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